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Thomas Rehnert - Gerhard Uebele - SD-033

New Music with drums and strings

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Nikea Bustla - Plaidz EP - SD-032

With remixes by Markus Masuhr, Mark Drifter and Jean Blanc

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Black Oil Documents - Electric Rain (Act One) - SD-031

New masterpiece by Marko Hupel and Christian Fiesel

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Madoka - The Sea Saw Me - SD-030

Electronica from Japan

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Hayk Ispiryan - Mirage - SD-029

Modern classic with piano

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Black Oil Documents - Das Unaufhoerliche-SD-028

VÖ: 25.04.14
Experimental Album by Christian Fiesel and Marko Hupel

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Nikea Bustla - Mayan - SD-027

VÖ: 29.03.14
Dubstep album with ten trax

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Jean Blanc - My Secret History - SD-026

VÖ: 27.02.14
Trip-Hop, drum´n bass and big beat ep from Prague.

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