I was born in Caracas, Venezuela  1984, a self-taught bass player and a software based producer and composer for electronic music, using mostly digital synthesizers, samples and the production software. Right now I'm not using the physical bass guitar, but I may use again that instrument sometime in the future.


In 2011 I started learning about producing, now I’m working on two solo projects, miragEarth and Tales of Painting (my side project), both projects were born in 2015 with the release of my first two EPs.


While Tales of Painting is for a more relaxing sound of ambient, chillout, donwtempo  and techno tendencies, miragEarth is a project for a darker and cinematic sound, which includes dark ambient, downtempo, trance, experimental and others. Some of miragEarth’s music  would fit in sci-fi and drama films, as well as video games.