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Max Gael Martin Solo Album

The leaves are parting from the branches and the sun is retreating, autumn has arrived. Our newest release is perfect for upcoming rainy days at home. It is highly recommended to listen to it in a da...

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Drones from Italy

The new Spheredelic release is here to cool us down on the last few warm days of summer. Nicholas Medone, Italian based producer, takes us on a journey to mysterious places using his tape recordings a...

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Neofolk from Belgium

It's a summer filled with questions and a lot of time to to deal with them, so it's good timing that Spheredelic is giving you a little food for thought in the form of "End of I": In his first record...

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Marcello23 and the pandemic album

After a long break, we have another release for you this month. This time an album by Marcello23, brother of the label founder of Spheredelic, André. So, the family united on this label ;-)  Th...

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Experimental from Italy

As the whole world slows down due to these surreal Covid-pandemic, we at Spheredelic don't remain inactive as well. Another release, of course for free as per usual, is in the pipeline, waiting to be ...

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The 4th album by Somnambule

Starting into the new year 2020 the Spheredelic team has only one resolution: to keep on delivering new music to you! You want to listen to some music that's neither commercial, using the same samples...

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