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Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit - time is fleeing. Just as the remaining time until the turn of the year seems to be coming to an end in leaps and bounds and eludes our grasp, so does the new release on Spheredelic pres...

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Music for autumn

Quiet gusts of air rattle the window outside against a cloudy sky - loud hissing of driving wind swells from the loudspeakers at home. With the new release on Spheredelic we bring the dark nostalgic m...

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Experimental from the south

It's time to say goodbye to summer and prepare for the colder seasons. We have the perfect company for stormy autumn nights to come. M.D.M.A. originally started as a duo, but after 20 years of s...

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Summer Release

Spheredelic brings you a feast for the ears again, because with us there is no summer slump! Multi-instrumentalist and philosopher Michael Keith and David Sait on the Guzheng enchant us with their ne...

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Darkness Rising Over The Plains

Oops, we probably enjoyed the sun a bit too much and are back with the June release and some sunburns. The wait was worth it, however, because once again we are happy to have Christian Fiesel back on ...

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Experimentelles aus Russland (2)

Spheredelic is back! We wrap up this chaotic May with even more chaos today. Get ready for hypnotic beats, dark atmospheres and a pinch of madness ...  "Yoko Absorbing" is an industrial project ...

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