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EPiOS re-release

At this point we wish you chill holidays and a happy new year 2023!!! Another year has passed with all its ups and downs, but we still have a release in time for Christmas. This time something very s...

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Music for cold autumn days

Another release on is ready, the 2nd release of the Greek project 'Saint De L'abime' on Spheredelic, which exists since 2009.  After the first release contained 3 tracks, this on...

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NonMiPiacellCirco!“ or „Idon’tLikeTheCir…

Welcome back to another Spheredelic release! Autumn is approaching fast, we hope you can keep yourself warm and cozy at home. „NonMiPiacellCirco!“ or „Idon’tLikeTheCircus!“ is a two person music proj...

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In Aeternum

Spheredelic is back! With the existing drought, our new release is perfect, because it triggers images of a cloudless rocky desert in my mind. So you can already get used to our futureclimate with it...

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Engaging heat outside, tamed chaos on the ears. Just in time for the start of summer, Spheredelic delivers just the right soundtrack for heated summer nights: technoid synthpop dystopias that seem lik...

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Post-rock from Italy

Despite the approaching heat waves - or perhaps even because of them - Spheredelic provides you with a soundtrack for warm, hazy and dreamy spring evenings and nights in May. Sorcieres, the new EP by ...

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