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Experimental from Italy

As the whole world slows down due to these surreal Covid-pandemic, we at Spheredelic don't remain inactive as well. Another release, of course for free as per usual, is in the pipeline, waiting to be ...

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The 4th album by Somnambule

Starting into the new year 2020 the Spheredelic team has only one resolution: to keep on delivering new music to you! You want to listen to some music that's neither commercial, using the same samples...

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100 Releases in 10 Years

 Once upon a time... In a city in the northern part of Germany, Andre R. Asana Funkhauser, decided to start his own creative commons netlabel. A label for some of the more unique music, be it el...

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10 years Spheredelic party

10 years ago we went online with our audio netlabel Spheredelic. Furthermore, we are heading for our 100th release! On this occasion, we want to celebrate the whole thing worthy with you and dance a r...

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Ambient production from China

As our 99th release we are... Wait what, NINETYNINTH? Yeah, you read that properly, Spheredelic is about to break the hundreth-mark in terms of our releases. Maybe a small step for a major record la...

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Izakaya Heartbeat Record Release

Different music styles but one spirit .. Handmaded Records and Spheredelic present the release of Izakaya Heartbeat's new album titled "Subterranean Sunset". The whole thing should be celebrated prop...

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