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Alien Nature & Lutz Thuns

Closing in on this year, we at spheredelic would like to gift you yet another beautiful record. It is called Nocturnus and has been recorded by Lutz Thuns & Alien Nature. Lutz Thuns might sound fa...

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Lettres à une rose

Unfortunately, the sunny days of summer are almost completely gone, and with less and less daylight, winter is coming.   Going with the flow of the seasons, Spheredelic is proudly presenting a ...

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The Celestial Eye

For the heat of this summer Spheredelic is releasing right another ambient record, for you to chill in the shadow of a tree whilst listening to it. This months free record release goes by the title ôS...

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Spheredelic On Bachblyten Festival 2018 …

Also this year is Kiel-born Audio Netlabel Spheredelic, on the Bachblyten Festival, with On Board. Spheredelic will accompany you into the depths of the ocean. As diverse as the ocean is with its inh...

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Yoga Soundtrack

Not only have we reached halftime during this soccer world championship, the year 2018 aswell has passed it first half. Nonetheless, we at spheredelic do not rest, but instead do deliver some fre...

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Somnambule Live At Aubrook

Somnambule will be performing live at the "Ambient & Acoustics Festival", at Aubrook on June 1st, 2018. Somnambule will be presenting his new live set at around 1:00 am. B.Ashra, Devas and S...

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