In July Spheredelic presents the album „Tomorrow´s Transmissions“ by Nikea Bustla.
The cover art and design was created by the Australian artist Daniel Lambert.

Nikea Bustla has matured.  Well overdue a point of time, it seems, to come up with an album proper.

Whereas the several EP releases of recent years were always focused on single aspects of
Nikea Bustla’s multi-facetted abilities, Tomorrow’s Transmissions is a much more versatile affair. Therefore (or despite of this?), it is continuously as demanding as it is entertaining and – possibly even more important – the album works as a whole.  It’s all welded together by another consistent quality which permeates the album, namely the professional production quality, which pays loving attention to even the most minute of details In sound sculpture, and which gives each and every track a profound dynamic depth.

The discerning listener will occasionally notice subtle hints at some of Nikea’s personal heroes, e.g. Boards of Canada, or the somewhat bigger-than-life AFX. Nevertheless, each and every track is distinctly Nikea Bustla – it’s those trademark repetitive four-chord-patterns which are instantly recognizable, to a hypnotic effect in many places, almost purposefully menacing at other times.  

However, what will unravel on top of those baselines is anybody’s guess, and surely you’re in for a surprise or two: the spectrum ranges from a tongue-in-cheek quotation of his own prehistory via a delivery of early ‘90s stomping footwork to jazz-funky fusion. With occasional  nods at the Radiophonic era and a hauntological Ghost Box vibe, the album reaches wide open spaces and serene celestial plains.

here is the free download

tomorrow s-transmissions-cover-500

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