In September Spheredelic presents the EP „Vermillion“ by Arkhitekt.

The Japanese project Arkhitekt consists of the duo Kaetsu Takahashi and Tia Rungray. Kaetsu Takahashi previously released his solo project Sabachthani on Spheredelic.

Arkhitekt guide the listener by their melodic escapades towards the realms of New Music. Contemplative piano sounds are crossed by rhythmic disturbing noises as if they intended to question their artfully designed soundscapes. A clear statement is noted about postmodernity´s medial schizophrenia. From the alarming and destructive negation arises Kaestsu´s life-affirming guitar play – like a flower growing in postindustrial ruins.

The musical approach is novel, unsettling and poetic at the same time. It creates harmony in the fragmentation and defines sense in the deconstruction.

Here is the download


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