On one and two three is following! In October 2015 Spheredelic presents you another part of the Compilation series to honour Edgar Froese. On account of many inquiries from national and international Artists Spheredelic publishes with Special tributes – Vol.3 (SD-045) the third and last album of the series.

The Compilation encloses 14 wonderful electronic pieces with artists from all over world and with a play duration of more than 120 minutes, it`s a full evening programm.

The echo from all over the world shows us clearly, how big Edgar Froese`s influence on the electronic music world was actual. The great success of the series also shows us, that the inheritance of Edgar Froese and Tangerine Dream has survived till today. Tangerine Dream has always been a bit away from the mainstream, however, the music lives on in us.

We thank for the great interest all artists, involved and listeners.

You`ll find the first and second publication here:

V.A. - Edgar Froese - Special tributes - Vol.1 - SD-040

V.A. - Edgar Froese - Special tributes - Vol.2 - SD-041


E F Special Tribute Vol3 Cover 500

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