In November Spheredelic presents you the work "An Ocean Of Shadows" by Thlaaflaa. The album is an echo of the St. Petersburg summer 2015 and result of various experiments with ostinato and granular modulations.

The album consists of two Tracks, which come up with a total running length of more than 40 minutes. Thlaaflaa is following with this publication a clear idea of ​​the tides, implented in a masterly piece of music. The album creates itself out of nowhere and takes us with "Flood Tide" to the center of the ocean of shadows. "Ebb Tide" seamless continuates of these bodies in order to lead us to the starting point. So the album seems as a never-ending cycle of alternating between high and low tide.

Thlaaflaa is a Russian musician, he lives and works in St. Petersburg. He is creating music by diverse experiments with electronic soundscapes and glitch and techno derivatives. He is getting his inspiration by the works of Stephen Reich and Julius Eastman.

 Here is the free download but donations are welcome...;-)

An Ocean Of Shadows Cover 500

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