In December presents you Spheredelic the work "Estranged" from Dyb. The album includes three songs that make you want more.

Dyb supplies us in the cold season with celestial sounds, paired with classical piano. The sound of the piano has been upgraded with some effects, and put under the natural piano sounds, that bear, complement and merge into a whole. The focus is on the positive experience of the sound, because melodies are only hinted and the sound is somewhere between major and minor, without putting it very firmly.

Dyb is the musical project of the Argentinian Diego Masarotti. In 2010, he launched the project "Strange Moments" and is experimenting with samples and virtual instruments. With "Dyb" Masarotti now puts the focus on experimental ambience, Drone and related genres. The cover art designed by Barbara Bezina.

Here is the free download with the option to donate for artist support;-)


In this way we also wish you a happy celebration days! We want you some womderful presents, have a few days of relaxing and get well into the New Year! We hear and see us in January 2016 and again!


Dyb Estranged cover 500

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