In February Spheredelic is presenting you the album from the Italian music project KNA. The music is very various and covers the musical spectrum of breakbeats, chill and soft techno. In addition to typical computer-generated sounds, also traditional instruments such as guitar, drums and piano, are used. In the third song you will be surprised by a female vocal performance. provides us relaxed groovy soundscapes that versed listeners should remember to various productions of the late 1990s.

Behind KNA stands the artist and software developer KINDASKA. His music is dedicated to his work. The project was born out of the idea that only a few people know that the software you use every day, was programmed by other people. Thus the title was chosen not only based on the C ++ programming language, but all the music is created with the help of many apps on an Apple iPad. Except for the mixing and mastering the album can therefore be seen as a "Mobile Music".

Here is the download

....but donations for the artist is welcome;-)

KNA plus 500

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