The netlabel Spheredelic stands for ambient, avantgarde and experimental music for 5 years now. We can look back at successful years. We had the honour to release an album of our artists almost every month. Thank you for your confidence! Big thanx - not only to the artists but also to all the supporters and the visitors of our site. Thank you for your loyalty!

We promised a double compilation for our 5 years anniversary. Now we are glad to present this collection. Coincidentally our anniversary release happens to be also our 50th publication. We collected 28 tracks of our artists from a plethora of material. We invite you to a little trip through time!

Recently we received a cultural grant from the city Kiel. We intend to use it for the release of a physical phonogram in limited edition. At this point we´d like to refer to the option of donating the amount of your choice via PayPal. We are a team of volunteers who pay all the costs incurred. Of course we like to do so! However, in order to to keep up and – most important - expand our range, we naturally need some money. Every donation will be used for the production of CDs and vinyl records, simply providing you with good music. In case you want to spend some cash on our label, we are happy about each donation. Furthermore there´s the option to send your money directly to the artists. If you like a release, you can donate for it – 50% of the donation go directly to the given artist.

Now we wish you a good time with our latest release. Enjoy, keep well and fit and give us the honour of visiting our page again.
Big Thanx to you all!


Here is the download


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