This month Spheredelic presents a brand new EP called „Perspectives of Prague“ by Jean Blanc Blanc and Nikea Bustla.

British producer Jean Blanc lives and creates art in the Czech capital Prague. Nikea Bustla is based in the Northern German city of Lübeck with many cultural relations with Kiel. Both are well known for their regular appearances on our label. Over several years a collaborative spirit has developed between them in the shape of remixes of each other's work.

The cover art and design was created by the Australian artist Daniel Lambert, based in Perth. Daniel Lambert is also well known on our label having already released an EP and several remixes.

With „Perspectives of Prague“ Jean Blanc provides two high quality and engaging tracks. „Shadow Faces“ is built around a haunting chant from a choir of monks which evolves into a percussive and danceable mix. „The Lonely Walk“ tells the story of a solitary excursion, skilfully working with breakbeats and atmospheric soundscapes.

The release includes powerful remixes of each song by Nikea Bustla.
Nikea decodes the original material, enriching it with further facets in order to find to a new interpretation without losing trace of the original ideas. Nikea makes the tracks harder and gives them a transcendental intensity.

Jean Blanc aka James King is also the co-founder of Praguebeats ( which focuses on fresh underground electronic music from Central and Eastern Europe. In February 2014 he released his album „My Secret History“ on our label.


Here is the download....

Perspectives of Prague Cover

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