Somnambule & DubEcho live @ lalafestival 2016

Somnambule was founded in 2006 by A.R.Funkhauser. The music is characterized by spherical, sometimes almost epic soundscapes and melodies that are often supported by very deep-sounding drums and rhythms.

DubEcho is the project of Heiko Schulz-Kosel. For more than 20 years, his love for dub, in different variations, is unbroken.

Inspired by the jamming with African roots reggae artists he started at the end of the 90. In addition to classic Jamaican dub, he learned to love ambient and electro / tech Dub, too.

Since a year Somnambule & DubEcho are working on different fusions of electronic and acoustic music. In addition to the electronic instruments, acoustic instruments such Tanpura, shakuhachi, singing bowls and gongs are used.

If the two play live together , whole galaxies pass along before the inner eye. Somnambule & DubEcho cover a wide range from ambient and experimental music to danceable, techno beats. They often played live together and a gig will take at least two till three hours. This guarantees an real exciting, audio experience.

So, who gets the opportunity to experience somnambule & DubEcho live should not miss it!

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