In July we present the full length album „105“ - containing11 tracks which follow a strikingly continuous concept. The project revolutronic pursues a course originating in 2013 when we released their work „audio drama mix“. Already at that time they revealed a huge eagerness to experiment.

Revolutronic´s music deeply reminds the listener of film scores. Various instruments and soundscapes are consistently interweaved into new and extraordinary creations - without losing track of the musical idea. Synthetic basses are melted with electronic beats and enriched by distorted chords of the electric guitar. Such mixtures and similar combinations signify the album´s entire playtime. Some tracks gain a very own character by the use of samples and speech fragments. Other tracks have a try at doubling the speed. The music surprises by new facets of crossover all over again.

Both musicians from Cologne basically convince the listener by the creative and skillful play of their instruments. The mood of their sound occasionally culminates  in a tension and vividness which evokes scenes from crime and agent movies. However, they still manage to keep up their sense of musical arrangement. Check it out!

Here´s the download of „105“. Here´s the download of „audio drama mix“.


00 revolutronic 105 cover

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