"New findings about mankind’s origins, led by a team of explorers and scientists to an empty ocean on the Big Rock. But empty was a filled word, for an entrance into the insides was also found, a Lunar colony; One big, long-established alien complex. Journey into deep space is ahead. Next destination: The Dusty Planet."

This month Spheredelic is presenting to you the ambitious project with the name 'Earthside' by the artist 'miragEarth'. The topic of this release is nothing less then the quest to the origin of mankind. The quotation above is by the artist himself, giving us hint about which musical direction to expect from this 8-track release.

„Earthside“ is filled with high quality samples and instruments, with their modulation in sound and rhythm creating a very specific, individual style. The general mood reminds oneself of cinematic masterpieces, with their audiovisual might creating soundscapes and vivid images full of dramaturgy in the inner eye of the listener - be it distant planets, extraterrestial civilizations and the long journey through outer space.

The man behind this project is the venezuelan artist Cristhian Vallejo, a self thought bassist and since 2011 also evolving his skill in digitally produced electronical music, with 'miragEarth' being neither his first nor his last project. One of these other releases under the title of 'Tales of painting' focuses on ambient and chilloutish sound with a dash of techno influences.

The cover was designed by the argentinian artist 'Shørsh', whose website one can find at http://www.shorsh.com and his instagram at https://www.instagram.com/shorsh/

Download here

00 MiragEarth Earthside Cover 500

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