Organized by the Kultur Kollektiv Gaarden ( aswell as the online record label Spheredelic (, the Medusa Club will host two concerts and the following aftershowparty. This will be on the 25th of november, with the doors opening at 20h and livemusic starting at 21h, the aftershow to this special musical event will start playing at midnight. But what kind of music can one actually expect?


# Superalma Project - Brazil (Very first concert in germany!)
# Somnambule

Aftershow - DJ's ov spiritual techno minds:

# Mike Fischer
# Asana
# Brammer

Superalma Project

The Superalma Project is a trio consisting of the members Luiz Sangorgio (guitar, bass and vocals), Igor Almedia (keyboard, synthesizer, effects) and Alan Alves (Videojockey).

In deep harmony with each other these artist manage to string together dark soundscapes, disturbing noise, enchanting melodies, grime picture and so much more during their liveset. On moment you are drifting into unknown worlds, led by athmospheric sounds, just to get grounded again by mesmerizing blips of noise. But just long enough before drone and ambient, in a cacophony at first glance, and many more sounds push you in front of this monster of soundscapes that is challenging, but also deeply rewarding. Acompanying all of this are the visuals that enhance this dreamlike musical experience...

If you want to get a glimpse of what to expect, check out the bands vimeo-website at:
Free music can be heard and downloaded at:


One of the few aliases of André R.Funkhauser. With his electronic instrument Somnambule is creating multilayered soundscapes incorporating styles from dub, noise, drone, electronica and many more soundexperiments as well as experimental sounds. Constantly changing and evolving in the mindset of an audio-autist, yet still with a concept guiding you through from passage to passage.
Shut your eyes, accept the music and dream...


Somnambule releases


"Spheredelic Goes Dancefloor" - Deep Techno Event:

The aftershowparty will be hosted by the DJs Mike Fischer (Kiel), Asana (Kiel) and Brammer (Hamburg). And to stay in the mood of the concerts beforehand, each one of the mwill be playing their version of experimental, dreamy technoid music. Whether you want to dance or just listen to the music, everyone is in for a treat...

Superalma Flyer

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