This month, Omar El Abd releases his record, titled 'The Quiet Ones', under his alias omrr on the spheredelic label. Omar, born in '82, is currently residing in Cairo, Egypt, is a self tought guitarist, soundforger, musician. In the 90s Omar played a lot on his guitar before expanding into many other electronic instruments, the according software and his field recordings equipment. His sound can be described as a combination of glitch, noise, ambient, field recordings and - what a surprise! - guitar.

'The Quiet Ones' is a rather minimalistic record, some fine guitarsounds with light voice singing to it, ambient with a lot of glitch, the warmth of analogue noise and seemingly myriads of clean produced sounds. And still, even with that many samples and styles the record never feels overburdend, instead it lets you drift afar in an ozean of never intrusive sounds. If Telefon Tel Aviv were to make a chilly ambient record with field recordings, it would be 'The Quiet Ones' serene Brother.

Many more soundsnippets, EPs and older records, all released under the creative commons licence, can be found either on his website, soundcloud, youtube or bandcamp, have fun listening!


Here is the download with donate option;-)

The Quiet Ones Cover 1000

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