This months release stems from our neighbouring country poland. Jakim, the alias of this young independent musician named Mateusz Szymanski, is an artist mostly involved with music for the demo/gamedevscene, whose influences can be heard on his latest release 'Murmurs'. But these are not his only influences, also music styles like some easy jazz, ambientish soundscapes as well as IDM and many more can be found on this record.

So, what kind of music is 'Murmurs' then?
Many different genres got mixed to create this musical soup, the main ingredients being:
- Three pieces of ambient and electronica
- Two speakers full with beats, the flavour being funk and breakbeat
- One proper dose of glitchy idm
And to top it off, it was spiced with some chiptune, chillout and synthesizersounds
This all was slowly cooked on a subwoofer in a cooking pot made out of the tracker-software Renoise. And just like with any proper menu, you start with lightweight entrees and end in some hefty, stuffing desserts.

Here is the download

Already hungry? Or still not yet full? In this case one can find some more ear-candy right here:



Videoclip for Under/over

Even more music and videos can be found on Mateusz Szymanski's youtube page:

Jakim Murmurs Cover

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