For the end of this month we would love to present to you the "Verschollene EP" by Shock of Daylight.

"Verschollene EP" is the latest release from London-based producer Shock of Daylight. Shock of Daylight is the music of scottish-born multi-instrumentalist Danny Currie, whose work as a guitarist and producer has been featured on BBC 6 Music, as well as many internet radio stations.

"Verschollene EP" perfectly demonstrates the style of Shock of Daylight, a cleanly produced sound with many minimalistic structures, clearly influencced by modern electronica. He pulls of to weave organic sounds with electronic beats in a harmonic way, to play with loops and sounds without overdemanding.

The track "Orbis I" for example begins with an unintrusive yet still pushing beat and freaky synthesizer sounds and melodies, to change during a few moments into a spherical soundscape, slowly drifting into infinity. Zagadka, the final track of this EP, on the other hand sounds like an eerie shamanistic ritual in an old, abandoned industrial complex, until more and more percussion and gloomy guitars come into play and you almost believe, you are listening to some shoegaze by Fuck Buttons.

Here is your download


Shock Of Daylight Verschollene Artwork2


So if you are interested in this artist, you'll find more information about Shock of Daylight on these sites:

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