Matching the cold and grey season, Spheredelics next release is a recording by Massimo Brazzini, an otherwise colourful and curious man from Italy. And the music doesn't match the winter because it involves candle light and a hot cocoa, but because, well, it's cold and grey...

For Massimo Brazzini, born '65, art just isn´t some option, but rather a necessity in his life. Be it words or paintings or sounds, Massimo is always on the hunt for the inner soul, the spiritual element of it. That one thing that makes a sound living and a painting telling stories.

On the LP 'Archeological finds of a soul' one can find Massimo doing what he loves most. And this list doesn't only include strange sounds or voice samples, that one would find on a long-lost cassette in an eerie attic. His list of passions also includes industrial/noise/ambient/drone/soundscapes, and he knows how to use all of it in one musical harmony. Be it the warm spatter of an old vinyl (or maybe its the sound of some crackling fireplace?), spheric sounding bow instruments, distorting sounds and effects, reverb in all imaginable possibilities, all of these and way more are used by Massimo Brazzini, just to find the soul of the sound itself, so that afterwards it can be rearranged with diligence.

'Archeological finds of a soul' is like a promenade at oceans bay, the sky is grey, the sea is booming, a stingy wind from all directions and the constant feeling, that any moment hell could break loose. Dark ambient with a bit of industrial-noise and textures of sounds, Massimo Brazzini knows what he is doing!

Here is the download...


Interested in more? Then check out his blog under

or listen to some older releases from him, available on his discogs page

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