„Echoes“ by Johnny Golden ist the next release on Spheredelic.

Hannes Hanke alias Johnny Golden, living in the city of Kiel, is making music since his childhood, starting at the age of 14 with being part in a hip hop crew to later on even start his own record label Morning Sun, for which he hunts down musical treasures in the area of experimental electronic music.

Just as it is the Leitmotif for his Label, to make music free of any typical genres, so it is as well when he writes and produces his own tracks. Be it technoid dubstep with chilly industrial elements, a bit funky house in between, dub interchanging with idm, snares used like in trap, you name it, you find it. And that is why this record is so difficult to describe with the usual terms like i tried before, but one doesn't have to, cause the music speaks for itself. And it speaks the language of well produces experimental electronic music, devoid of any musical boundaries...


Here is your download

Johnny Golden Echoes Cover


Even more music by and Information about Johnny Golden one can find on his website:


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