This month we from Spheredelic are happy to announce a new release by Superalma Project, whom already proved there huge musicality at the last party/concert hosted by Spheredelic. The not so very short title of the EP is 'Cura circum animum mei intorquet ut in sella mei sedeo', for a translation ask either the band or google, my latin is waaay to rusty...

The Superalma Project is a trio consisting of the members Luiz Sangorgio (guitar, bass and vocals), Igor Almedia (keyboard, synthesizer, effects) and Alan Alves (Videojockey).

In deep harmony with each other these artist manage, especially when live in combination with thei visuals, to create wonderful soundscapes that just invite you to wander inside them. Multilayered track with loads of changing dynamics, beautyful melodies in stark contrast to disturbed noisy sounds, a bunch of different effect as well as moods and many more these guys have packed into this 10 minutes of music. Yes, you read right, only 10 minutes but packed with ambient, dark, IDM, drone and so much more, an amount most other artist wouldn't have in a whole record.

Here is your download...


Superalma cover

If you wanna know, see and hear more about Superalma Project, check these websites out:

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