End of april is coming closer, spring aswell and so is also the next release on spheredelic incoming. This time around we do have an EP from the young artist Omar Marco Ghanem, 22, born in italy, currently living in spain. The selfproduced EP has the short and simple title 'OM', which shows no sign at all of the producers young age.

But what it clearly shows is that Omar, besides learning in early yearshow to play guitar and piano, was always exposed to loads and loads of different musicgenres from different countries and ages. And this also leads to the problem of trying to describe music that has clear influences here and there but still, is way more than just the labels. In the artist's own words: music gives me the power to accurately express my flowing feelings!

And since not a single emotion is like the next one, so is his music, hence every track sound different due to many styles, but still one can hear that all have the same origin, the same person describing his feelings in his unique way. So then... maybe let the artist just describe to us what he felt when he created this music?

1. Oriental breeze - inspired by all the pain and suffering, caused through war in myfathers homeland, syria.
2. Vocation - being frustrated and angered, because i was studying for an exam to a subject that i didn't even like at all. I channeled this emotion into music and then it occured to me: i need a Vocation to make my own music.

3. Ain't got time - Rushing through a really busy life, never coming to rest or to just be able to relax and just be for a moment...

Spoiler alert: he manages pretty well to describe his emotions with his music, so just close your eyes, let yourself guide by the music and listen with your heart...

Here is the download...

Om Cover


Weitere Informationen zu Omar Marco Ghanem findet ihr unter anderem hier:




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