The summer is here and we are happy about long days and pleasant temperatures. At the end of June we present you a work whose idea arose in the cold winter months. The inspiration for the project titled "Tuhaw" came into the mind of the artist "Zeffon" in January, in the deepest winter - on his way to work. "Tuhaw" is derived from the word "Thaw" and means the effect that is caused by retreating cold in the urban area.

The listeners expect an orchestral work that tries to escape the rules of classical music. It is an interesting mix of different accentuated instruments, which is invigorated by quiet guitar playing. The respective sound and rhythm sequences are sometimes more and sometimes less. Above all, they seem to respect themselves in this way in order to preserve their own freedom. It is a free way of making music and the result reminds places of music from very popular computergames.

Behind the project stands the US-American Creighton Jenkins. He wants to achieve with his music that people look at the world from different perspectives. Currently he is working with the topic "Fake News“.

Here is the download...

Tuhaw Cover


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