Spheredelic goes ona festival tour in August. From 04.08. - 06.08.2017 is the Spheredlic Audio Netlabel at the Bachblyten Festival near Husum.

Spheredlic provides you with artists from the ambient, chill out and the experimental area on the space area. Also included are the Live Acts Somanbule, Superalma Project, B.Ashra, Devas and the Dj Brammer and the Djane Y-Luna.

Let's continue with the next event from 18.08. - 20.08, with the Lala Festival at Hof Ovendorf near Negenharrie. There Spheredelic presents you the bedroom.

Around 2.00 am the "living room" stage is transformed into a "bedroom" stage.

Spheredelic presents you a special live act, consisting of the projects Somnambule, Devas and Dubecho. These musicians have teamed up to accompany you with ambient sounds on a dream journey. Specially tuned instruments, which lie in the alpha and theta wave range, the bedroom will lull with spherical sounds. The set of the three acts goes about three hours and then SphereControl will slowly and gently bring you back from the dreamland.

Pack all your sleeping bags, sleeping suits, jumpsuits, cuddly blankets, teddy bears and whatever else you need to chill out and let yourself be asleep - or just relax.

 Further infos are here:



LalaFestival 2017

Bachblyten 2017

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