For our next release on the spheredelic netlabel, we do have once more some electronic soundworks from the Southern Americas. 'From the dissection table / to moderato' ist the title of the record, as well as its only track, which is 41 minutes long. The artist behind this work is Jimmy Watt Abarca, a Visual artist and 'Sononaut' from Santiago de Chile, fiddling around with instruments and sounds since well over 20 years. And as per any great musician, he did fiddle around with all kinds of genres, be it from noise and industrial over to ambient and narrative song structures.


Which brings us to this current release, which tells its own unique story. It starts with some strange buzzing of an electric dragonfly, roaming here and there, till time after time more and more sounds join in, each disfigured and changed in shape ever so slightly to before. Music track after track something new gets added or replaces another one, but with no harsh breaks, just like a long transition you barely notice. And this is what happens all the time, progressive fiddling with the tonal range of a sample, sometimes an eerie wobbling bass, strangely encoded voice samples, some shallow strings. Towards the end of the record, all these dissected sounds from the beginning have changed and formed into something vaquely resembling ambient as a genre, but then dissolving again. Also it picked up a bit of pace, but not that much, just moderato.


Hence this is why this record sounds like the title describes it in words: From the dissection table (of sounds) to moderato.


Here is the download


jimmy watt abarca Cover


Links to Mr. Abarcas discography, his twitter and his visual arts can be found here:

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