Christmas is over and the year 2017 will soon be the past. We have a few more days ahead and on Monday we‘ll welcome 2018. We wish you a happy New Year and a great New Year's Eve for the turn of the year! 

At the end of the year we are very happy to present you another work of Fabio Keiner. The work with the title "Opus Zero" is already his third publication on Spheredlic. You can expect four tracks of the Dark Ambient, which fit seamlessly into his many works. The more than 50 minutes of playing time are carried by a basic meditative mood and offer many interesting sound modulations. 

Fabio Keiner is Austrian and lives in Vienna. More information and more music from him can be found on the websites below or in our music section.

Here is the download 

opus zero


Moe informations: 

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