Spheredelic wants to celebrate with you the new release of Superalma Project, on The Spiritual Triangels label.

The release is in the form of a tape cassette and is titled "Cura Circum Animum Mei Intorquet Ut In Sella Mei Sedeo". The release first appeared in March 2017, on Spheredelic as a download. Of course, Superalma Project will present the new album live and additionally there will be a crossover performance together with Somnambule from Kiel.

 And of course, two live acts are not enough to celebrate the whole evening and that's why there are still some technoid music from the Dj's, who will play under the motto "LIMIT 110BPM". This is a small experiment. The Dj's will make you dance with down-pitched records, with a top speed of 110 BPM. Vinyl discs playing at 45 rpm rotate at 33 rpm or productions arranged at 127 BPM appear in a new gloss (aspect).

In any case, we are really excited and are already looking forward to pampering you with downbeats in the evening into the morning and we are honored, to celebrate the third reunion in the Medusa with Superalma Project.

 ... come my fanatix .....


# Superalma Project
# Somnambule

 Aftershow Party „LIMIT 110BPM“


# Mike Fischer
# Neumond
# Spherecontrol
# Asana

Spheredelic Superalma Headder

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