After a hiatus during winter, Spheredelic is finally awakening from its slumber and already has some fresh music for you! And as usually, all for free!

This time we are publishing the record 'Before the Law' by stəˈkæs.tɪk ˈmjuː•zɪk (Stochastic Music). Gianni Pereta and Christiano d'Avena are the two artist behind this project, which they founded 2014 in rome. Inspired by the works of Jannis Xenakis and Karl Heinz Stockhausen, this project serves as an outlet to create contemporary classical music, combined with dark ambient and some experimental techno. Another member of the band would be, as abstract as it sounds, stochastical methods, e.g. probabilites, statistical mechanics and so on, which influence their compositions and therefore, contrary to the precision of drum computers and such, makes the music sound more alive.

So... how does this record sound then? A dark drones wobble here and there, sounds played in reverse, voice samples, stretched out and distorted in such ways the they seem reminiscent of a prayer to Cthulu. All of this builds a soundscape that is constantly moving and changing, evolving in such an organic manner that makes it sound alive and distinct to other typical compositions, which are bound in structure by rhythm and beat measure...

Here is your download

Stochastic Music Cover

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