Not only have we reached halftime during this soccer world championship, the year 2018 aswell has passed it first half. Nonetheless, we at spheredelic do not rest, but instead do deliver some fresh music to enrich your summer.


So, what did we prepare for your halftime snack? '7 Tracks' is the title of this 63 minute long LP,  recorded by Exthausiva, the musical alias of Esteban Cavalieri. Born 1974 in argentina, it took him a mere 20 years till he started to experiment with electronic music, be it as an underground DJ in Buenos Aires, doing collabs for remixes or being part in a collective full of artists. Nowadays not only does he record and produce his experimental music, but also live in Capilla del Monte in Córdoba.


But now a few words about the important stuff, his music. Exthausiva did record this LP live, without changing or adjusting that much afterwards, cause he wanted to capture the spirit of this special, even personal moment. Sitting atop of a mountain, watching the sunset slowly drifting behind the horizon, yoga as the setting of his mind. This soft spirituality, relaxation, inner peace of mind, meditation, clarity. And this is exactly the vibe he captured with his soundscapes. Tiny crackles as if a needle is scratching over a vinyl (or maybe it's the sound of a small bonfire?), organic synthesizers, ranging from drone-esque sounds to the chorales of angels, almost silent bassy humming like the rotation of the earth, some singular clear notes of a piano. With closed eyes yet open ears one will get easily transported into this musical set&setting. Even more so, if listened to whilst chilling on the beach, watching a sunset or sunrise on your own, meditating in a mossy forrest or any other beautiful spot that mother nature has to offer.....


Here is your download


Exthausiva Cover


Here you find more music from Exthausiva:

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