Also this year is Kiel-born Audio Netlabel Spheredelic, on the Bachblyten Festival, with On Board.

Spheredelic will accompany you into the depths of the ocean. As diverse as the ocean is with its inhabitants, so diverse is the electronic music. Spheredelic presents a wealth of chilled and experimental sounds, beyond the mainstream, on the Deep Ocean Floor. The live acts include Sonophob, Superalma Project, Somnambule, Devas, Sacha Bachmann, Krill and Asana.

On the decks of the Nautilus, the DJs Patrick Viering, Spherecontrol, Freqtal and Olli MT steer you into the depths of the sound cosmos. The visionary team Moonmorview and Igor Almeida provide the blurry look.

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Bachblyten 2018

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