For the heat of this summer Spheredelic is releasing right another ambient record, for you to chill in the shadow of a tree whilst listening to it. This months free record release goes by the title ôSoLaFaTo and was recorded by The Celestial Eye / L'Œil Céleste.


ôSoLaFaTo is a record with three distinct parts, each improvised, based on three indian ragas, yet still not sounding like traditional indian music. This trinitiy of musical themes is supposed to describe the three aspects of the great goddess Tripurasundari, on of the ten Mahavidyas in hinduism.


Three seems to be a constant in whilst recording this record, dedicated to the three headed goddess, as it also took three years to record this spiritual music, born in specific moments in space and time. The artists took a long time to prepare for these musical impros, as well as mixing this acoustic and electronic elements (fretless guitar, electric guitar, effects and even some flute whisperings) afterwards to create this fusion of ambient, emotional and dronish sounds that they had envisioned...


Here is the download

The Celestial Eye

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