Last year in November, the Swedish electronic forge Teenage Engineering released the OP-Z, a pocket-sized multimedia synthesizer. The small company became known with the Pocket Operators and the OP-1.

The OP-Z not only handles the audio section with sequencer, synth engine, drums and various effects, but also projections for visuals with Unity 3D and DMX control for lighting systems in the club and the whole thing synchronously and in real time. 

Spheredelic will be hosting a live gig with Somnambule, who will play a live act exclusively with the OP-Z. Visuals with Unity 3D are streamed parallel to the music.

Afterwards there will be an aftershow party with "TENCHO" beats as TE would say. The Tencho Beats serve us P.Cobello (and yes, he will play Techno ;-) and Spherecontrol.

You are cordially invited to marvel with us, what is technically possible in the 21st century, among other things. We are looking forward to the evening and are already excited ... 

Date: 01.03.2019
Start: 10:00pm
Location: Medusa, Medusastr. 16,  (Kiel)


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