After a long break, we have another release for you this month. This time an album by Marcello23, brother of the label founder of Spheredelic, André.

So, the family united on this label ;-)

 The new album from Marcello23 is the chronicle of a global epidemic and was created during the Corona Virus Lockdown between March and May 2020.

With an ambient sound characterized by spherical surfaces, deep bass rhythms and playful minimalist melodies. Marcello23 shows us how he perceived the phases of a new experience for everyone, such as the corona lockdown for himself.

 Influenced and inspired by the early electronic music of the 70s and 80s, horror films of that time and to a small extent also by spaghetti westerns, you can feel the progressive experiences, that this phase of social isolation has created with every track.


 "I have never experienced anything like this pandemic before....a very strange time, indeed...

 I hope, that our society will learn from this experience and develop a new consciousness for the human race, the environment and the planet as a whole." (Marcello23)


Here is the download


Pandemie Cover

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