The leaves are parting from the branches and the sun is retreating, autumn has arrived. Our newest release is perfect for upcoming rainy days at home.

It is highly recommended to listen to it in a dark and silent environment. Max Gael Martin and Kate Izgina has been publishing music under the name Accent Aigu since 2011. The latest album, Diving into the Vi (sion), is a solo album and deals with the mythological creation of the universe, a time before there was time.

Spherical sounds make their way through the stereo image, at times mysterious, other times reminiscent of star clusters or droning emptiness . The individual tracks flow seamlessly into another throughout the record, sometimes using surprising techniques like glitches, noise and even live drums.

Harmonic elements are placed throughout the record as well, including synthesizers which act like singing bowls, vocals which sound like ancient mantras and also pan flutes.

The record is in a constant flow, never staying the same. At one point the listener is floating alongside of young stars during their creating only to get pulled in by a black hole diving down into the dark. It's a journey through chaos which leaves room for introspective thoughts or just being present.


Here is the download


Accent Aigu Cover


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