It's time to say goodbye to summer and prepare for the colder seasons. We have the perfect company for stormy autumn nights to come.

M.D.M.A. originally started as a duo, but after 20 years of silence it was taken over by the guitarist and co-founder "The Crippler". He produced his new album "Back On Earth Gisas" together with "Petrolio", an industrial project by Enrico Cerrato.

Both artists bring influences from metal, hardcore and industrial and these are constantly appearing throughout the project. The focus is on ambient and drone, but deep ambient soundscapes are regularly followed by fast and hard drum rhythms as well as distorted vocals and guitars. 

The atmosphere is consistently gloomy, seldom a little brightened by synthesizer interludes. Mechanical drums pound forward, while organic sci-fi like sounds overlap and become a dense mass. Field recordings alternate with intense psychedelic sounds. 

Images of a subtle dystopia emerge before the inner eye, a world in which, apart from flickering neon tubes, no light shines. The machines have usurped power and the resistance has long been crushed. The wind whips through empty streets, while shady figures in the alleys like prey on careless victims like spiders. The struggle for survival turns out to be one-sided if your predator does not have a heartbeat. The nights are rough, the shelters cold and hope remains buried under steel and concrete.


Here is the download


Back On Earth Gisas

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