Despite the approaching heat waves - or perhaps even because of them - Spheredelic provides you with a soundtrack for warm, hazy and dreamy spring evenings and nights in May. Sorcieres, the new EP by French ambient solo project DzEta, is an unpretentious yet very opulent symbiosis of electronically influenced rhythms and classic instrumental post-rock. Hazy atmospheric planes of electric guitar melodies flowing into each other in front of rhythmic electric monotony - this characterises Sorcieres and its musical magic (French sorcières = witches).

 The percussive seems to serve as the basis for DzEta's way of working. Except for Les Soeurs Malades, every song on Sorcières begins with a loop of clicking, snapping, hissing or humming percussion or drum elements - usually stylistically close to analogue drum machines. The percussion provides the artificiality, deliberately displayed as artificial in partly high-pitched sounds à la IDM (Des Choses Etranges; Sorcière), and serves as the counterpart to the organic serpentines of reverberating guitar melodies. 

 Almost technoid and dystopian, the rhythm elements grind incessantly forward for minutes, symbolising the technical, while the humanity allegory in the form of the guitar melancholically, airily and lost in thought, in typically dynamic individuality, stands hopefully against it. The resulting planarity, the endlessly wafting, agilely interplaying layers of electric guitars and electric basses, sometimes supplemented by synth basses fluttering quietly in the background (Des Choses Etranges) or ethereal, humanoid leads (La Fille De La Lune) seem almost eternal, engaging, sometimes also subtly frightening, but at the same time remain in a peculiarly calming, almost meditative state of limbo. 

 It quickly becomes clear that DzEta is entering post-rock waters with role models like Ez3kiel, Mogwai or even The Cure - yet the songs on Sorcieres differ greatly from their stylistic ancestors. In its entirety, the EP seems more like an ambient work, despite its affinity to post-rock, especially through the conciseness of the electric guitar melodies, and despite the percussive elements. A beautiful musical work for being alone, dreaming and floating away!

Here is the download                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Text: R.Ahrens

 Sorcieres Cover

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