Spheredelic is back! With the existing drought, our new release is perfect, because it triggers images of a cloudless rocky desert in my mind. So you can already get used to our futureclimate with it.

"In Aeternum" is the new ambient work by FPH and Johann Calderón. It is divided into two tracks of about 20 minutes each and inspired by the Zoroastrian religion, specifically by the so-called "towers of silence", also called Dachma. These towers are stone structures that

protect the deceased from land predators, as the corpse should only be consumed by birds. This has the background that for the Zoroastrians, the four elements earth, fire, water and air are sacred. The dead must not come in contact with the earth.

This inspiration can definitely be found in the sound design of "In Aeternum". In the first part, oriental chords let us feel the harsh desert sun on our skin. A pleasant crackling in the background feels like warm sand running through fingers. A throbbing kick like a slow

heartbeat and a driving percussion section let us move forward step by step. Our destination is the tower of silence, where we find final rest in part two. The beginning of the track triggers images of a time-lapse of a decaying carcass, with insects and carrion birds

that nimbly and meticulously dispose of everything until only bare bones remain. As the track progresses, a certain contented silence emerges as the desert wind gently whispers around the tower. The material is left behind and the spiritual can evaporate into the eternal circle after the mortal shell no longer holds it back.

Here is the download
In Aeternum Cover

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