Or Matza



Or Matza born in 1991 in Tel Aviv, Israel. He studied classical music and piano from the age of 6, and began composing in his youth.


Musica Mundana is the first of a planned series of albums- "Songs of Nature and Land ” that explores the "music of the spheres", an ancient philosophical concept divides the music into three levels:

Musica Mundana- highest and purest music, aims to bring the natural sound of the natural world.
Musica Humana- music that explores the human soul, and desires. It usually uses the sounds of the human body.
Musica Instrumentalis- music based on instrumental virtuosity.


The first album in the series "Songs of Nature and Land", "Musica Mundana", is the result of seven years of work. It uses a rich musical language, which includes a combination of folk music, electronic music, classical music, and Hebrew texts. The album carries a musical journey that includes six songs, which represent six worlds of nature. Each piece of music was composed and produced in accordance with the natural sound of the landscape from which it draws.
Among the album's songs, intertwined three songs, which constitute a frame story, depicting the ancient connection to the lost paradise.


Musica Mundana describes the nature from a naive perspective, mysterious and gloom, and gives an opportunity to a true innocence experience. The next album of the series, “Musica Humana”, will use a sharp and aggressive language of sound, and is already in the advanced progress of production...