Daniel Lambert - Twitch.

Spheredelic presents a new EP called "Twitch" by Australian musician Daniel Lambert.

Daniel Lambert is one of the rising stars in the firmament of Electronica in Australia. His sound is convincing with groovy breakbeat rhythms, melodies and inspring accentuated funky hooks. He is on the one hand catchy, on the other hand, he always surprises by sudden changes and thereby enables the listener to wonder. Daniel Lambert is not saving with unusual sounds, combined masterfully to an overall acoustic experience. You can free download the EP "Twitch" here. So drop in, listen and then download.

Parallel to the release, there is a "Spheredelic On Air" online-radio show with pieces by Daniel Lambert, as a part of a DJ mix of Nikea Bustla. The show will be on Thursdays at 20:00 clock and Sundays at 21:00 clock, starting at May 2013 the 2nd, on Radio Gaarden.



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