Charles S. Kuzmanovic aka Fake Plastic Heads presents with "Music for Film" his first solo release on Spheredelic.

When you listen to his album you get the impression it´s actually a musical version of art paintings - associations with the work of H.R. Giger are not necessarily accidental. Dark acoustic colours evolve into emotional impact by impressive pads and backing sounds. Indeed they are accompanied by beats and grooves of postindustrial samples which are so funky thus the music reveals a perceptional vitality of  colours much brighter than those Giger ever used. Charles discovered an aniministic approach to the factory halls of this world!

He recognized the souls in the machines - stating a post-modernistic declaration of love to them.

God might be casually working as a DJ at the weekends, but in every day life he´s a machinist.

The ep is downloadable for free.


Fake Plastic Heads is a one man project of the graphic designer and multimedia artist, Charles S. Kuzmanovic.

It´s foundation was formed in 1998 when Charles began to experiment with electronic sounds (previously he was the frontman of several smaller bands). It was not until 2005 that he started recording under the name Fake Plastic Heads. The first self released albums were influenced by various styles like Noise, Industrial and Rock. He played the guitar sounds and basslines himself and sang the vocals on the tracks. During the subsequent years he had the opportunity to work with musicians from all over the world under the name Fake Plastic Heads. For instance, he completed an entire album together with Guy Williams, Jr. - a spoken word artist from the US - in early 2007. Another example is the collaboration with the Japanese Cyber writer Kenji Siratori with whom he created two EPs. Collaborations of projects/songs with music friends emerge continually (e.g. Nikea Bustla (Spheredelic-SD-007), Off Deck, Daniel Lambert) - while the basic sound evolves sucessively into IDM, Ambient and "Abstract Flavors".

Fake Plastic Heads is still a pure studio project - but first live sets (with a drummer) are planned for 2014.




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