5 Years Ov Spheredelic - SD-051


Compilation part 2 of the anniversary of Spheredelic

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This month we present the second part of the release celebrating our 5th anniversary. At this point a big thanx and commendation to Marc Olke for the brilliant cover art. Thank you for the great support! We look forward to further fruitful collaboration.

As we are interested in making our supply as attractive as possible, we are going to provide you with two releases per month from June on. As already announced, we are also going to endeavour to release a physical phonogram in a few months. Read more...




Donations are welcome;-)



01 - Madoka - Gone (Album Version)
02 - Sabachthani - Desert Snow
03 - Ujjya - De Retour/3000 ans
04 - SouthDip - Planet Atmosphere (fest. Dana)
05 - Gastón Massenzio - Tiempo
06 - Fabio Keiner - Zayin 4
07 - DR - The Art Of Minimalisim
08 - Nikea Bustla - Backstage
09 - Lutz Thuns - Sepia
10 - Arkhitekt - Vermillion II
11 - Thlaaflaa - Ebb Tide
12 - Dyb - Alpha/Entry Data Error
13 - Bardo  - Iceberg
14 - KNA - NaN

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