5 Years Ov Spheredelic - SD-050


Compilation part 1 of 2 with artist from Spheredelic

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The netlabel Spheredelic stands for ambient, avantgarde and experimental music for 5 years now. We can look back at successful years. We had the honour to release an album of our artists almost every month. Thank you for your confidence! Big thanx - not only to the artists but also to all the supporters and the visitors of our site.
Thank you for your loyalty!

We promised a double compilation for our 5 years anniversary. Now we are glad to present this collection. Coincidentally our anniversary release happens to be also our 50th publication. We collected 28 tracks of our artists from a plethora of material. We invite you to a little trip through time! Read more...






01 - Somanmbule - At The Dawn
02 - Sonophop - Sommerwiese 1
03 - Cosmo Welfare - Reflective Sphere
04 - Thomas Rehnert - odel bass
05 - Daniel Lambert - Solar Powered Onion Ring
06 - SoftClip - When The Colours Broke
07 - 201 Soundsystem - City Lights
08 - L'Oeil Céleste - Lunar Mirror
09 - Fake Plastic Heads - Slide
10 - Christian Fiesel - Construction Time Of Lunar Landscape
11 - Ówt Kri - Sighs
12 - Jean Blanc - Sentiment
13 - Black Oil Documents - Allein Unter Menschen
14 - Hayk Ispiryan - Fantasia #11 

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