Ardais - Antropofagia - SD-096


Electronica rom Brazil.

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The EP called Antropofagia is the fourth record released by brazilian Rodrigo Ardais, which in his own intentions uses `music to represent existential dramas`.

'Between tonal and atonal, the album makes reference to a painful escalation of man through the ages, using the anthropophagic metaphor to symbolize the poignant human individualism of modern times.' Ardais further describes his latest work.

During my listening sessions I heard oscillating jazzy guitars, free in form and melody, electro-acoustic backgroundnoises intertwined with primitive rhythms and modern beats, curious hi-hats dancing with exhausted brass and a variety of voicesamples craft the mental image of a rundown music-bar, filled with shattered individuals, somewhere in a huge dystopian megacity...



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01 Abaporu

02 Antropogagia

03 Nigga eats nigga

04 Rio, brasilis

05 Cibertrap

06 Megalopolitans


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