Art Of Empathy - End Of I - SD-104


Neofolk from Belgium

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It's a summer filled with questions and a lot of time to to deal with them, so it's good timing that Spheredelic is giving you a little food for thought in the form of "End of I":

In his first record since 10 years Art of Empathy takes you on an epic and spiritual journey into the inner darkness. "End of I" deals with important questions concerning Consciousness, the concept of happiness and the western lifestyle. The tone of his compositions isn't depressing however, it's quite the contrary: It feels like a bombastic movie, the soundscapes are magical and exciting and from time to time they are interrupted by ambient passages and soundbites.

The belgian one-man artist speaks like a poet over the instrumental accompaniment in a sometimes sinister tone, supported by samples, chorals and female vocals. This culminates in an immersive experience, which can provide something spiritual to you if you let it or you can simply enjoy beautifully crafted folk soundscapes and the in part dark and in part uplifting songwriting.

Though, in the end genres and categories aren't important for what Art of Empathy is trying achieve: Connecting like minded people and finding anchor points in an increasingly complex world. Read more...




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