Bear in Miniature - Lettres à une rose - SD-094


Modern ambient classic from Brazil.

Unfortunately, the sunny days of summer are almost completely gone, and with less and less daylight, winter is coming.


Going with the flow of the seasons, Spheredelic is proudly presenting a 3 track Ep, Lettres à une rose, which, with its beautiful and melancholic sounds and arrangements, can hopefully reignite your memories about the summer of recent days...


Bear in Miniature is the alias of Rafael Torres, born Brazilian, who releases under this alias music that we can tag with genres like modern classical, film score, ambient and soft electronica. Literature, cinematography and the arts of theatre are his main drives of inspiration as well as orchestral and natural sounds.


Which stories does Bears in Miniature want to narrate to us with this EP, which inspirations to describe, what kind of pictures to paint in our minds? Guess there is noon better to describe this than Rafael Torres himself... “L'esprit de l'ange” Talks about a girl who is in her room listening to the pouring rain amongst a storm while looking for her own essence, the answers to her doubts. Read more...


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01 - L'esprit de l'ange

02 - L'artiste et la fleur

03 - Le paradoxe du philosophe (Chanson du silo)





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