Bledi Boraku - Tha - SD-082


Ambient with modern classic

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The second release in August is titled "Tha" and is a production of the Albanian musician and composer "Bledi Boraku". In addition to the self-taught passages, many guest musicians have also contributed their part to the work. The resulting musicis experimental and can be described as Ambient with folkloristic and jazzy character. But not only friends of these genres should listen! In this interesting Album you will find many different styles and influences and for the inclined listener is offered a lot of variety. 

The music is characterized by a creative handling of mantra-like loops and repetitions. Bledi Boraku has created a mix of electronic sounds and folkloristic instruments, which are mostly rhythmicall accentuated. For the melodic part various instruments are used, such as a multi-effected E-guitar, loops with flutes, clarinets, cellos and some other traditional instruments. It creates a meditative mood, but does not overwhelm it. The album is characterized by a certain restraint, which however contributes to a positive basic mood. Read more...


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01 - Hyrje

02 - koha.1

03 - Ndalese_1

04 - koha.2

05 - Ndalese_2

06 - koha.3

07 - Ndalese_3

08 - koha.4

09  -Dalje


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