Build Your House Underground - Year: MMXVI - SD-061


Experimental compilation from St. Petersburg

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Build Your House Underground - Year: MMXVI - SD-061 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License..

In this Month Spheredelic presents the album "Year: MMXVI" von "Build your house Underground". The album were initiated from Roman Mzharov. Roman is a socialworker in a psycho-neurological internat in the russian St. Petersburg. The Internat take care of people with physical and mental disabilities.

In the total up to 25 Members were envolved in the six months emergence-time of the album. During the time the supervised people learning to handle computers, mobile Phones und Tablets, to make music with them. All of the tracks were played und recorded live. This enabled countless hours of making and recording music. Time for many errors und new experiences. Read more...


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01 - A. Medvedev - Begin

02 - D. Belyanin - Pandora

03 - S. Dedyurin - 90.0 FM

04 - V. Fedorov & M. Gordeychuk - Man With A Beard

05 - Y. Koltsov - The Dark Rise

06 - S. Dedyurin - Only Witch Can Make The Magic

07 - D. Belyanin - Molecule

08 - M. Gordeychuk - 3 Whales

09  - V. Fedorov - When You Was Born

10  - Y. Koltsov - Witch Meditation

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