Celestial - The Sleep Tape - SD-054


Ambient album charms the listener by pleasant sounds and convincing beats.

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Celestial - The Sleep Tape - SD-054 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License..

The album charms the listener by pleasant sounds and convincing beats. It provides an almost esoteric vibe of joyfully played chillout music. Subtle melodies are combined with warm pads and laid back rhythms. Gentle parts fuse into an overall texture of sound.

Jonathan Peña aka Celestial began producing music as early as 2008. Coming from a small town (near Houston, Texas USA) with a background in music, after participating in band all throughout Jr. High and High School, Jonathan quickly tapped into his talent and new-found passion in creating music that was good for the soul. If you've taken the time to listen to a few of the tracks that he's had a hand in producing, you will realize the name "Celestial" is no coincidence. Celestial boasts some unique sounds and melodies not too often heard. Read more...



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