Christian Fiesel - Darkness Rising Over The Plains - SD-114


Ambient music from Germany

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Oops, we probably enjoyed the sun a bit too much and are back with the June release and some sunburns. The wait was worth it, however, because once again we are happy to have Christian Fiesel back on Spheredelic!

In December of last year he was able to convince us with "In The Garden Of Decay" and is now continuing his streak with "Darkness Rising Over The Plains". The great album cover was created by the 3D artist Andreas Schwietzke and captures the mood of the album wonderfully.

It's like a play between light and shadow. The interaction between intense harmonic instruments and dark ambient surfaces is emotional and cold at the same time. In this mysterious in-between world, time runs slower, your breath slows down and you begin to see grains of dust dancing through refracted light. String instruments that sound bright are supported by deep bass, swell up and then fall down again. Choirs create a deep atmosphere that is reminiscent of enchanted fairytale forests or empty cathedrals.

On some tracks, subtle drums and percussive elements come into play and gently push them forward without being distracting. There is something sublime about the swelling pads and orchestral instruments. The high sounds in particular bring musical complexity with them and the individual sound elements are perfectly coordinated. Not only fans of ambient music will enjoy this album, but also friends of classical music will have a great time with this one. Read more...




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