Colematics INF - The Legend of the Pakefield Weatch - SD-120


Ritual experimental music and video stuff

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Colematics INF - The Legend of the Pakefield Weatch - SD-120 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License..

Spheredelic starts the month of April with less spring-like sounds: The Legend of the Pakefield Weatch is something for long, dark nights - and brings paranormal vibrations into your room. Colematics INF release on Spheredelic is a dark, mystical-occult noise soundscape EP that would be perfect for the soundtrack to an experimental arthouse horror film. 

Hypnotic tonal murmurings of several female voices are accompanied by the loud hissing of various percussion elements. Sometimes cymbals, sometimes drums, sometimes cutting gongs break like a thunderstorm over the trance-like recitation of incantations, causing jumpscares just by listening to them. Whipping, electronically synthesised noises (they can hardly be called sounds here) are mixed with distorted audio samples and recordings of various sound generators and create a high-frequency buzzing auditory background, while distorted guitar sounds roll in from the outer area of the stereo image and someone far behind seems to be emptying several firearm magazines in continuous fire. 

What reads like a frightening, psychotic trip and evokes disturbing associations in the mind's eye really does sound like that - fascinatingly engaging and narcotising, as if you yourself were a participant in an occult ritual - or better still, the medium at the centre, the offering of a spiritualist community for communication with the world of the dead. All sounds and noises literally rush past the listener, deafened by the senses, all that remains is devotion to the hypnotic incantations. Read more...


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